5 Steps for Making Your WordPress Blog Design Look More Professional

If you’re not a designer, or don’t generally have an eye for design, it can be difficult to make the right choices when it comes to the look and feel of your blog. Here are a few steps you can take, to ensure your blog design is cohesive and looks professional. 1. Select a Premium [...]

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WordPress 4.3 Release & New Features

Happy August 18th! I’m sure you didn’t know that today was going to be such an exciting day when you woke up (unless you’re a WordPress junkie of course). WordPress version 4.3, code named “Billie,” was dropped today and it comes with a bunch of all new, supercharged features. So let’s take a look! New Customizer [...]

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Who’s the Boss in Ecommerce World? Shopify vs WooCommerce

WordPress, as influential as it is in for digital entrepreneurs, provide great platforms to sell products and services. The relatively intuitive functions of WordPress make it a great tool to start an online business. Now, there are plenty of services where you can use WordPress to build an ecommerce site. However, there are two big [...]

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When To Redesign a Website? Why Your Business Needs It?

Redesigning a website is compulsory for you, if your business is showing no growth even after spending a lot on advertising. This is a decision that can do wonders to your profit graph if executed wisely. To help you understand, when to go for redesigning, we are sharing here few website conditions, which actually demand [...]

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10 Reasons Why You Need A Website

1.Your Competition Has a Website. If you are in direct competition with another business that has a Website, they have a clear advantage - especially if they are adequately marketing their Website. 2.Improve Your Customer Service. A Website makes it possible to provide instantly viewable information and even downloadable content. You can provide frequently asked [...]

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Using an Online Website Builder vs Hiring a Web Designer

Website Builder vs Hiring a Web Designer In this post I will outline the pros and cons of using an online website builder like wix.com, vs those of hiring a web designer / developer, or web development company. What is an online website builder? Online website builder software provides customers with a user interface (drag [...]

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Career Advice For Graduating Web Design Students

It’s that time of year again: graduation, when students transition away from the classroom to what will hopefully be a long and successful career in their chosen industry. I recently said goodbye to some of my own website design and development students. Instead of teaching lessons in design principles or responsive websites, I spent our [...]

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How Much Should a Website Cost?

Why ‘How Much Should A Website Cost?’ Is a Difficult Question “So how much will a new website cost?” It’s probably the most common question I get asked by new clients. I don’t blame them. It’s probably the first question I would ask myself. But it is actually quite a tricky question to answer as [...]

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Top Website Design Trends to Implement in 2014

The web as we know it is over 20 years old. As with anything that grows, the world wide web has changed dramatically over the last two decades. Like the internet, website design techniques constantly evolve to enhance the user experience. While not all of the upcoming trends may be appropriate for your website redesign [...]

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