What is WordPress? How does it work and what is used for?

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As a beginner or being new to the world of websites. You might have heard the term WordPress and may be wondering what WordPress is. WordPress is an open-source software free to use by anyone—a website builder and content management system. Just like mobile phones and your computer need their operating system to work, your website needs WordPress.

What we use WordPress for and what kind of websites can be made on it?

WordPress has a variety of uses when it comes to website. To start with your website, you will first need a domain name (just like we have our bassmediagroup.co.uk). Another thing required will be the hosting service; there are many hosting providers such as Kinsta, Cloudways and DigitalOcean. As for the websites, the software is flexible when it comes to what you want to create; you can use plugins to build your website or a WooCommerce plugin in you like an online shop. It can run any website from a business site, blog or portfolio to a professional corporate site, directory site or e-commerce store.

How does it work?

Once you installed WordPress(set everything on your hosting service), you can start creating your site. WordPress offers several themes that you can choose from to base your website around. There are free options of the themes and a premium paid option. The difference is the amount of flexibility that you get to manipulate the themes; the premium version comes with more advanced features than the free version.

The theme is a base for your website, but the most you can get out of it comes from the plugins. Plugins are like WordPress apps that allow you to do many things differently, therefore gain more flexibility. Starting from a contact form display or galleries and popups up to the online store WooCommerce plugin as well as payment options and memberships. There are over 55000 plugins to choose from but be careful not to overdo it as this can slow your website.

Why use WordPress?

First of all, as mentioned above, it gives you freedom with the design and other features on your website. You can use the software in any way you want with full control and ownership of the website. This is because WordPress is protected by the WordPress Foundation, which is a non-profit organisation.

WordPress is easy to use. It is one of the best website builders due to the flexibility and user experience as it is easy to make your page there. There are plugins that allow you to play around and make your website look unique without using any particular language or code to make it look like you want it to look. Also, it is easy to find help to WordPress, as there are many blogs and guides available online.

It works on all screen sizes and is extensible due to the plugins. It is used by 38% of websites that are online now including Microsoft official blog, Sony Music, The White House and The Disney Company. This means that it is reliable software to use for your website, so why not start now?

We are here to help and answer any questions regarding WordPress. Our team also provide WordPress Maintenance plans to help you with everyday tasks and keeping up your website, so contact us if you are interested.

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