How to Integrate Facebook and Instagram with Your WooCommerce Website

How to Integrate Facebook and Instagram with Your WooCommerce Website

Are you looking to improve the social media presence of your small business? Social media apps are a great way to send more traffic to your online store and boost sales. And what better platform than Facebook and Instagram to showcase your products or services to the world?

Linking your WooCommerce website with Facebook and Instagram should be an easy task. That being said, let’s show you how to set up a WooCommerce site with Facebook and Instagram.

Wondering why you should use WooCommerce? WooCommerce is one of the most popular open-source eCommerce plugins from WordPress. It is affordable, flexible, and allows users the advantage of WordPress functions. WooCommerce is the perfect solution to blend content and commerce powerfully.

Social media is such an integral part of our lives now. With Facebook having over 2.4 billion users and Instagram over 1 billion, these social media apps are a great way to increase organic traffic, boost brand awareness, and expand sales.

Find below the steps for integration.

Step 1: Facebook Business Setup

If you do not have a Facebook page, create one using your personal Facebook account. Follow the Page Creation steps to create a Facebook page for business. Add name and description for your business page. After that, you can create a Facebook Ad account and a Business Manager account.

Step 2: Set up Instagram Account

For Instagram you’ll first need the Instagram app and a private Instagram account, just create one with your business name and you’re set up. Once that is done you will have to head to settings on your app and just switch to the business account. You can follow the steps provided by Meta here.

Mobile view of switch to business profile on Instagram
Source: Meta

Step 3: Integrating WooCommerce Website with Facebook

First, check out the plugin Facebook for WooCommerce. With this extension, you can enjoy features like installing a Facebook pixel, creating a Facebook shopping page, online catalogue, or setting up dynamic adverts.

Download Facebook for WooCommerce. Configure the plugin by following documentation instructions. After setup, activate the plugin by clicking on the ‘Sync Products’ button on the plugin configuration page. Once activated, the plugin will direct you to log into your Facebook business page.

The plugin will automatically create a Facebook shop catalogue. Check Facebook Catalogue Manager to make sure all products were synced correctly.

Now that you’ve integrated WooCommerce to your Facebook page, pixel and products, users will be able to see everything you offer. Any visitor who can find your shop on Facebook can view all your products and be directly taken to a landing page if they want to purchase.

Customers can also share their products with friends on Facebook, meaning increased brand exposure, which can increase sales in the future.

On the backend, you can view and manage your WooCommerce product catalogue. However, since Facebook manually reviews store integration, it can take some time for your store to be live on your Facebook page.

Step 4: Integrating WooCommerce Website with Instagram

An Instagram page is a must for every business to showcase their products or services. Shopping plays a significant role on the Instagram platform.

A recent study showed that nearly 65% of Instagram users visited a company website to learn more about it after seeing a product post on Insta. And an incredible 45% of those users did make a purchase!

First, to start integrating your WooCommerce website with Instagram, find the WooCommerce Instagram plugin. Install it onto your WordPress site. Integrate the plugin in the same way as you did with Facebook.

Next, your catalogue will get uploaded to Instagram. Now you can create shoppable posts (which are marked with a shopping bag icon) and stories on Instagram, tagging your products in them. Like in Facebook integration, Instagram integration will also direct users to your brand website.

Instagram provides the added benefit of creating as many catalogues as you want. These can be customised to cater to multiple audiences.

WooCommerce Instagram integration will also enable you to harness the power of hashtags. Create a hashtag to showcase a product and have previous customers join in. you can tag up to five products in an Instagram post.

Tips on Optimising WooCommerce for Your Business

Integrating Facebook and Instagram into your WooCommerce is only the first step towards building a successful online business. For best results, use all features of this powerful plugin. However, you’d be better off implementing a few in the beginning and then working your way up. Decide on which features would be most valuable for your business needs.

  • Don’t forget to highlight products that are new, deserve special attention, or have had price drops.
  • Try adding individual image variations to impress viewers if you’re showcasing products of varying colours, sizes, or materials.
  • Jazz up thumbnails with the WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels extension.
  • Allow visitors to modify searches so they can find exactly what they need.
  • A layered navigation widget can be a good idea to allow visitors to apply a filter on search results.
  • Select which products should have reviews.
  • Ensure buyers are less likely to abandon their carts at the checkout by cleaning up any unused field.
  • Allow automated WooCommerce notifications about events or orders.

Now that you have a clear understanding of how integrating social media apps to your WooCommerce website can benefit your business, do you want help with more plugins for WooCommerce? Do you need a helping hand with your social media marketing? We can help.

At Bass Media Group, we specialise in creating engaging social media content that’ll direct increased followers and leads to your website. We also provide WordPress maintenance, management, and services to help businesses get the most out of their website. Get in touch with us today!

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