Top 10 Reasons Why WordPress Website Maintenance is Critical for Your Business

Top 10 Reasons Why WordPress Website Maintenance is Critical for Your Business

Whether you run an online business or a traditional one with a physical presence, you cannot do without a website these days. It’s a business necessity in the digital era. Why then, you might be wondering, your website isn’t performing the way you want?

If you, like many business owners, think that merely creating a WordPress website and adding hosting services is enough, please think again. Websites unfortunately are not one and done. Don’t get us wrong, it may continue to stay up and look fine. But it’s not going to perform.

Between emerging site security threats and constant update rollouts, you would want to ensure your investment in getting a professionally designed WordPress website is not flushed down the drain.

Read on to understand the most important reasons to keep your website in top shape with a WordPress maintenance plan.

1. Optimum Website Security

You wouldn’t want to risk losing access to your website, sensitive business data and confidential customer information, would you? Reports suggest that a cyber-attack takes place every 40 seconds while ransomware attacks are rising in excess of 60% each year!

If your website is not updated with the latest security patches, your site becomes more vulnerable with every passing day. The developers at WordPress release crucial security patches from time to time and they have to be manually upgraded.

2. Regular Updates

Just like a brick-and-mortar store needs regular upkeep for its construction, equipment and facilities, a WordPress website requires timely updates for its plugins and framework.

Themes are also subject to consistent improvements so the bugs and irregularities do not hamper business. With professional WordPress maintenance services, you can rest assured that these backend updates are performed in a timely fashion.

3. Improved Performance

Let’s face it – no one likes a website with slow-loading pages, erroneous links or faulty design. Instead of being helpful to your online success, it rather becomes harmful for the overall business. Visitors who land up on your site would move to another if they do not find it quick enough. On the other hand, an optimised site with lightning-fast loading speeds for all its pages keeps visitors hooked.

Trained WordPress maintenance professionals run in-depth audits on-site design, revealing flaws that inhibit your website’s performance.

4. Better Customer Experience

When your landing pages perform exactly as they are supposed to, visitors stay on your website but when they exceed expectations, people want to visit your website.

On the other hand, poor user experience stemming from mediocre pages would send visitors away to competing websites. Over time, this would reflect as reduced sales for your stores.

Search engines learn from visitor behaviours too and would push your site further away from the top of search results. WordPress development services help managed websites stay on the top of their UI game!Website Back-ups on cloud

5. Website Back-Ups

Despite updates and security measures, no platform on the internet is completely safe against malware, ransomware and hacking attempts. Site backup is the last resort in cases these incidents take your business down!

WordPress maintenance plans help restore your website to working order with the scheduled site back up. With consistent backup, you can rest assured that your online business would be up and running in no time.

6. Website Health Monitoring

Search engine crawlers sift through websites in the back-end and index them for visitors. A healthy website has working links, backups and optimisations. Erroneous backlinks, 404 error pages and slow loading pages hurt the reputation of your website. Besides these, several minute aspects can easily be overlooked by amateurs.

Timely health checks by seasoned professionals ensure that ample storage space is utilised, site speed is good, and technical faults are fixed as soon as they show up.

7. Uptime Management

Every business on the internet is trying hard to get customer attention. If you do not work with a reliable hosting provider and complimentary technical modifications, your website can face downtimes that negatively impact business.

WordPress maintenance services ensure your site is running smoothly, come what may. A website that never goes down, makes the only way your business goes, is up!

8. Time and Cost Savings

Managing all the aspects of WordPress websites can be an arduous task and self-management of business websites is often detrimental to business growth. Experts know their way around complicated codes, algorithms and plugins, helping in better resource management.

With professional WordPress maintenance plans and solutions, you can focus on key business decisions and develop your core business.

9. Better Revenue Generation

An efficiently working website with attractive content has a low bounce rate, which means more customers for a longer time. Increased site rankings that come as an added benefit get more high-quality visitors that easily transform into leads and sales.

Needless to say, this process plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall revenue on the website and hence, more business for your company.

10. Increase Brand Awareness

A website is a brand’s online home. Just the way we like to keep our homes neat, beautiful and attractive, the website should enhance your brand’s reputation. Inadequately maintained websites hamper your brand awareness and send customers to competing brands.

A beautiful and responsive website pulls people and keeps their attention with a heightened user experience. Switching to expert website maintenance elevates your customer loyalty.

As you can see, keeping up with WordPress website maintenance can be a lot of work. But it’s worth putting consistent efforts given the risks that a neglected website poses for your business.

As trusted WordPress experts in the UK, we at Bass Media can take the WordPress maintenance burden off your shoulder. We specialise in optimising websites for maximum efficiency. Having served hundreds of small businesses and large enterprises, we are certain that our customisable plans can easily fit your budget. With 24/7 uptime management and scheduled reporting, you can count on our services.

Wish to know more about our WordPress maintenance services? Please feel free to contact us.

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