Top Social Media Trends for Businesses in 2022

Top Social Media Trends for Businesses in 2022

The journey of social media channels has been a rollercoaster ride both for users and influencers looking to gain traction. While the fundamentals have been the same, mainly to engage viewers, the ever-evolving algorithms working behind the scenes have created niche markets of their own.

However, if you study the trends carefully, predictions can help you form winning social media strategies that benefit you in the long run. Here are the top social media trends that could benefit businesses like yours in 2022.

1. The Evolution of Facebook Ads

Thanks to the AI-powered Facebook pixel, the ads of the world’s largest are performing better than ever. Marketers worldwide agree that their ads are fetching much better results when it comes to traffic and engagement. In 2021, there was a fiasco around pixel development, but it all turned out for the best. Safe to say, this evolution is headed upwards, promising more fine-tuned ad revenue for professionals.

Combine what is already working for you with the pixel’s smartness. It translates to more leads for small businesses than earlier, with the same types of laser-sharp campaigns.

2. The Rise of Short-Form Content

Short-form video content has divided people into staunch advocates and die-hard haters. Whatever side of the scales you fall on, you cannot ignore the potency of platforms like Tik-Tok and their crazy, almost impossible ride to success. Short videos are fun, engaging and get shared instantly across all platforms.

Tapping into the power of this phenomenon can make a substantial difference in your overall social media strategy. A difference that clearly shows up in results. If you can pull off a captivating story that entertains, you will find no shortage of an audience that’s ready to engage with it.

3. The Importance of New Audience

If you believe in adding value to existing customers, there is nothing wrong with it. Upselling and retaining customers add to your revenue. However, the trends from 2020 and 2021 highlight that reaching new customers at the right time and frame of mind is highly significant.

Researches show that brand awareness, recognition and building brand loyalty are the top preferences of marketers in 2022, and for a good reason. The perception and image of your brand matter the most, now that more people have moved online, thanks to COVID.

Nurturing long-lasting customer relationships is the name of the game, and if you master this, your organic growth may prove good enough. Making you save all that extra advertisement costs.

4. Social Media Takes Centre Stage

If there is one thing the last few years have taught us about online marketing, it’s this: Social media is the top channel for growth. Whether you are an established business looking for steady organic growth or a newly launched start-up with aggressive goals, social media is your best bet.

A paradigm shift is happening around how business owners and marketers perceive social media —from a support mechanism to the core of business expansion strategies. No wonder, a high percentage of businesses moving to online marketing and growth strategies focus exclusively on social media today.Social Media Marketing Advertisement

5. Social Media For B2B

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have been the traditional choice of marketers. While platforms like TikTok and YouTube may see a sharp rise in their user base, the traditional social media channels will still be the top choice when it comes to investment.

The success and sustainability of these social media platforms over time is a significant ranking factor in generating ROI. This is why businesses are expected to continue relying on Facebook and Instagram.

6. The Power of Influencers

The influencer landscape has become even more diverse. With the dramatic rise of micro and nano influencers, you can no longer ignore the power of raw, unfiltered content. It’s key to building a solid connection with the audience, who trust influencers with their choices and hold them as an authority.

Brands that optimise their social media strategies with influencers properly will reap unprecedented benefits in 2022. However, this does not mean blind alignments with random influencers will do the bidding for your brand. While it may take you a higher number of micro or nano influencers to get the same level of engagement, the effects will be long-lasting and incrementally better than hiring a major one.

7. Reels Vs Stories

Stories had a fun run for a while but most marketers will phase out their usage shortly. While reels and other short-form video content will continue to gain traction, disappearing content like stories will no longer be favourable for marketing campaigns. This is evident from the latest statistics that show search demand for Instagram stories has fallen by 33%.

Given the competition for customer attention, it is already tricky to create content that sticks. Something that gets discarded quickly doesn’t make much business sense. That’s why disappearing content is set to lose against its counterparts.

8. Organic Social Media Marketing Still Works

Whether it is the Creator Mode offered by LinkedIn or organic Instagram videos. This trusted form of marketing is not dying anytime soon. As much as people like entertainment, they trust videos, live features and direct messages.

This does not mean that random posts on Instagram will work in your favour. A well-thought-out strategy that focuses on your business’s goals and capitalises on the strengths of each platform to achieve them will deliver results. This is why hundreds of small businesses have found success on Instagram and Facebook without paid adverts.

Are you planning to capitalise on any of these social media trends? We can help! At Bass Media Group, we are a trusted name in online marketing and web development and have created successful web presences for our clients across the UK.

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