7 Useful Social Media Plugins for WordPress (paid and free)

7 Useful Social Media Plugins for WordPress (paid and free)

Social Media became an essential part of business strategy. The social media impact continues to rise, and more people use more social media platforms. To increase engagement on one’s social media and website, they must stay ahead of others, and this could be, for example, integration of the website with their Social Media.

The integration of Social Media with the WordPress site can be made more comfortable with the right plugins. They can help the users with the post schedule, sharing older content so that it keeps appearing and receiving more reads. Having the socials integrated within your website helps to bring more traffic to the website as well as help your users/readers to share your content with their friends easily. Your plugin should include things like

  • social comments,
  • sharing buttons,
  • social media poster
  • icons that link to your social media pages

Revive Old PostRevive Old Posts Social Media Plugin banner

This Social Media Plugin has gained you to reach more users and engagement by helping you schedule posts of new and old articles you share on your blog. This will keep your social account active without your additional hassle. The plugin is available on subscription, and the prices start at around $75 per year.

Some features listed on the Revive Old Post website are:

  • Sharing post, pages, media, and custom post types,
  • Share your posts more than once,
  • clicks tracking
  • automatic hashtags option from tags and categories.

Easy Social Share Buttons

The plugin is one of the budget plugins as the prices start at around $25 per year. This does not mean that the plugin is not useful or well developed. Easy Social Share Buttons gained a lot of supporters and users often recommend it. Easy Social Share Buttons plugin makes it easier for your users/readers to share the content on your website; it also has a custom pop-up forms feature to help you build a mailing list.

Some of the main features of Easy Social Share Buttons are:

  • Social Sharing
  • Social Chat
  • Advanced Analytics to track your progress, traffic, and reach
  • Sharable Quotes (giving you the quotes from your content that are good to use on platforms like Twitter)

Grow (Social Pug)

Grow is a free plugin with a premium version available for the interested users. The plugin is called to provide beautiful styles for their social media buttons. One of their main features that is mentioned in many reviews is that it is one of the most lightweight social plugins available out there. The free version includes the social share counts within platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. The social buttons from this plugin can be used in different positions, such as floating.


Novashare social plugin banner

The Novashare plugin is new on the market, yet it already gained many supporters. The plugin is lightweight as it only adds 6Kb to your website. This social media plugin was designed to be simple and give the performance required from such a tool. It is optimised to work on any device, and there is an option to optimise the social media icons on your website to match your brand colours. The plugin costs start at $29 for a yearly licence; there is no free version to try out. Some features of Novashare are:

  • Click to Tweet Block
  • Pinterest image hover pins
  • Follow widget
  • Analytics and link shortening


Monarch developed by Elegant Theme. It is a flexible plugin as it allows the user to set their social media icons anywhere on their website/posts. The social media sharing plugin allows the user to modify the look of their social media icons through shapes and colours. It also has a feature of automatic pop-ups and fly-ins to encourage the user/reader to share the content with other media platforms. Monarch supports over 20 social media platforms and comes in the package with the Divi Theme and other products from Elegant Themes; the cost is $89 yearly or $249 for lifetime access.

Social WarfareSocial Warfare social media plugin banner

The simple social media plugin, Social Warfare developed by the Warfare Plugins company. Users of this specific plugin have reported to like the design of the attractive buttons and that they can manipulate the shapes and colours of the social icons. The plugin is fast and allows you to have somewhat of control on how your content will be displayed when shared on social media. Social Warfare prices start at $29 for a yearly subscription supporting one website; other options allow you to use it on a few different websites and are more expensive. Some features of the Social Warfare plugin are:

  • Share buttons optimised to any screen size
  • Easy to use
  • Control over what people share and how they share it
  • Social share counts

Social Snap

The Social Snap supports over 30 of the social networks out there, including WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Facebook and Facebook Messenger and others. You can customise the colour in which your social buttons will appear on your website, including shapes, colours, and animations. This plugin also allows you to control how the post will look when shared on social media by adding custom image, title, description etc. Social Snap has easy to use interface, works on all devices and has integrated statistics & analytics. The prices start at $28 per year for one site.

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