SEO: 5 Reasons and Benefits of having an SEO strategy in place

SEO: 5 Reasons and Benefits of having an SEO strategy in place

Let us start with the basics, the meaning of SEO and what it is used for. SEO, in short, stands for Search Engine Optimisation; this refers to different strategies that supposedly bring more traffic (viewers/visitors) from the Search Engines. Those tactics would also be aiming at improving the ranking of the said website in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Typically, businesses would focus on appearing in high ranks on Google and Bing as those are the leading Search Engines that people use. So why your business and your website need SEO?

1. Free Traffic

SEO allows you to get free traffic for your website. Especially if you rank high in the Search Engines, there is more possibility that people would click on your link. More traffic can bring more lead clients and more sales. Keywords play a crucial role here as well, especially in the meta description. You are unable to see meta description on your website, but it shows up on the Search Engine Result Pages like this.

Meta Data in the search engine for SEO optimisationAs you can see, it is a short normally one-line summary that shows up after your heading. It allows visitors to see if your website matches their search criteria. Therefore, the use of appearing keyword/s is essential for this part; this can bring the page ranging up.

2. Page 1 Appearance

We all aim for being on that 1stpage that shows up on Google Search. There is just a little amount of people that go on to page 2 on Search Engines. It is said that the first three positions that appear in the search ranking gain around 40% of all click-throughs. 30% of all websites ranked on the first two pages do not get clicked. To win those clicks, you would need to appear high in the search rankings and SEO can help you be on top.

3. PR (Authority)

One of the goals of SEO is to bring traffic to your website. Side goal could be to help PR (Public Relations) through building the trust and credibility of the company. SEO helps to establish a strong foundation for websites; if the website has optimised on-page elements and content, then trust and credibility will be built. Positive user behaviour influences the authority that the brand is making. Remember that authority of the brand is not build overnight. It takes time just like it does with the real-life relationship, so do not expect results to show quickly.

4. StrategyChess as a representation of SEO strategy

If we link back to what we said in the point above. Just like building the brand image and trust takes time, SEO does as well. This can be considered as a long-term marketing strategy for your business. The market trends change rapidly, and if the industry follows them closely, they will gain followers and readers for a short period (short-term strategy). Constantly developing SEO is a long-term strategy that will bring more customers over time.

Having a fair amount of the budget, effort and time committed to the SEO strategy would make the website stand longer and become a notable market contender.

5. User/Visitor Experience

User experience is one of the essential parts that businesses need to consider when building their websites. This includes things like speed optimisation, the navigation through the website and the quality of the content. As mentioned in the 3rd point SEO gives the foundation for the website, with good quality it will bring the user experience up. This links to gaining more engagement on the site and more purchases (if you own a shop or offer services).

If you spend all that time creating and optimising all your content to be SEO friendly, then it is already gaining quality. Remember that your customers know what they want. If they cannot find it, they will leave and go to the next position in line, so be sure to consider the navigation through your website carefully.


Getting a robust long-term strategy for effective SEO on the business website is essential for the marketing of the brand. Together with the brand’s web presence and the quality of the content, it can create a strong market competitor form the brand. It is sure to bring the benefits for the company, but it takes time, and business owners must take that into account.

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