Best SEO WordPress Plugins

Best SEO WordPress Plugins Search Engine Optimisation

For anyone looking to boost their SEO rankings, then using a great host for their WordPress site is a good start. However, there is so much more to it than that. A useful SEO plugin for WordPress is vital if you want to stay at the top amongst your competitors.

There are, fortunately, quite a few SEO plugins on WordPress, so you want to make sure that you select one that is right for you. Many of the available ones are completely free, which is handy. A useful plugin should be easy to install and understand. The range of suitable plugins that you will find includes several different features from those that offer you SEO recommendations and projections on your page. Others might be a little more limited, but they certainly have their unique assets.


SEOPress Banner

The best SEO plugin, it is still called as one of the newer WordPress plugins for SEO optimisation but has gained considerable popularity already. It is easy to use and has integration with WooCommerce. It also supports custom post types and adds breadcrumbs to your website that improve UX and SEO. Other features from SEOPress is the support of Google Ads and with the Pro version Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce.

It has high scores when it comes to the price and value of the product as the PRO version is only $39 for the subscription per year, so it is worth it.

Overall this product is equivalent to Yoast. For one price as a newcomer instead of many costs for each feature.

The SEO FrameworkThe SEO Framework logo

If you are looking for an SEO plugin that is lightweight and fast, then The SEO Framework is the one for you. It might not have all the features of some of the other plugins out there, but it does have the essentials that you do need. If you want to focus on keeping the speed of your site up whilst not spending too much time on confusing articles on SEO, then this is what it can do for you. The SEO Framework is often thought of as a good alternative to Yoast. It offers some flexible options when it comes to targeting keywords – synonyms and slightly off words, for example.


Yoast SEO

Yoast Logo

No list of WordPress SEO plugins would be complete without a mention of Yoast. It is a viral plugin and with good reason. It offers real flexibility when it comes to the content on your site. You can set up titles, social sharing information and meta descriptions on a per-post basis. Setting up a sitemap is easy. You can add some underlying schema and perhaps most importantly; it is rather easy to use, making it very beginner-friendly.

As Yoast SEO markets itself beginner-friendly most features set are default. To find some more advanced options can be used changed in the manual of the plugin.

Yoast also offers a premium version of their plugin, which can be found via their website.


Rank Math

The Rank Math Logo

One of the fastest-growing plugins on WordPress, Rank Math is a relative newcomer to an extremely competitive and crowded space. Yet, it is still managing to take quite a large share of the market.

This is easy to use a plugin that offers all the features that you will find with Yoast. However, it does appear to provide what many would consider being a better implementation of the schema.

All of the currently available functionality that Rank Math has – and there is a lot when compared to other SEO plugins out there. It is now free, and whilst there are plans to make a premium version. The idea is to keep the current functionality free for the foreseeable future.

Getting the right SEO plugins for your site could be of real benefit to you. Why not take a look at those above and see which works best for your website?

We are also here to help you with your SEO optimisation, just contact us with your requests and we will provide you with a quote.

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